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finally could not resist a shot. Chen
ground idle in front,Cheap Coach Purses, at this moment a sudden drastic shake up, bang bang soon soil as flood flows out of the storm surge, it is strange that,Coach Outlet Store Online, in that flow into the soil, mixed with gall one kind of dark yellow flame.
earth flow out of the storm surge, immediately in front of Chen is condensed into one side of a very busy thick mud shieldIn that shield the surface, filled with a strange yellow flame. ‘Bang!’
shield just cemented soil, heavy foot is crashing down, we soon! Heavy falls on it, a muffled explosion,Coach Outlet Online, suddenly resounded through the sky!
heavy foot fall, and saw that the earth shield is too rapid dissolution, sediment scattered, but in general, Xiao Yan attack this in mind, be it earth shield eased down.
earth shield feel heavy foot caught in the kind of subtle sense of creaky, Xiao Yan is looking slightly heavy, he knew, shots of people do not want to remember him that interception under attack, but wanted to give it Baek old man for a little precious time! As Xiao Yan
also expected, in its creaky between ruler, its wake, an majestic grudge,Coach Outlet Store, is instantly swept to, and subsequently directed vest, obviously, if he was really going to kill Chen insisted idle, rear person, shall Qutaxingming!
nick of time, Xiao Yan eyes slightly narrowed,Coach Outlet Store Online, palm suddenly strange flick, but the whereabouts of the ruler, is suddenly startled,Coach Factory Outlet, an Anjin, quietly through the earth shield, heavy bombardment in the lower abdomen Chen busy place ! Anjin bombardment during which shares in the lower abdomen at idle Chen, the latter body, and instantly update to stiff … ~~~ recommended votes, monthly, please read everyone update to a valuable piece of it ~ ~ ~
around Christmas, is to begin to erupt, so that everyone will burst cool! ! ! Wu! 1140th

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