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Date: 2014-12-27

Couple of months ago I decided to have ant cellulite massage after which as you may know a lot of bruises are left on the body like after some great battle. I thought about the means for treating skin swellings, bruises etc. I was advised Arnica cream in a beauty salon, which is claimed to heal and regenerate swelled parts of the skin, cyanotic color. E vitamin in the composition also softens the skin, restoring fabric proportions inside and outside.
The tube is actually not very big, it’s only 20g, but it’s enough for a large number of times, because it’s easily rubbed and quickly absorbed without leaving any traces on clothes. The smell doesn’t irritate. Besides all that, arnica possesses antiseptic properties, removes bacteria and other infections (if the bruise is along with cuts for instance).

As for my bruises after the massage, at once after their appearance I started smearing this medication several times a day. Of course there are no miracles, but really due to this they disappeared far quicker and the skin got its natural color and state.

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