Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief

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Active ingredients:

  1. Dimenhydrinatum

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  1. Tablets


  1. Dramamine
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I wish it would work faster

Author: Cleta02Ciek     Date: 2014-12-27
Author´s opinion:
Dramamine is my preferable way to get rid of nausea and sickness on plane. I fly quite often, and I am very disposed to motion sickness. In my past I have tried numerous tabs with a similar action but still most effective for me are Dramamine tabs, their effect lasts for 7 hours…but I have to remember to take them a hour before. Usually I remember to take them already on the board and in this case the instant wave of nausea fills me up together with the plane gaining speed. My perfect dream is to find tabs with an instant effect. But probably this is my unique individuality. Anyway I still recommend Dramamine to anybody who ...