Massage cream with E vitamin Arnica, Salvena

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Customer reviews: Massage cream with E vitamin Arnica, Salvena

The result on the face, bruises disappear with the speed of sound

Author: GretcheAZQE     Date: 2014-12-27
Author´s opinion:
Couple of months ago I decided to have ant cellulite massage after which as you may know a lot of bruises are left on the body like after some great battle. I thought about the means for treating skin swellings, bruises etc. I was advised Arnica cream in a beauty salon, which is claimed to heal and regenerate swelled parts of the skin, cyanotic color. E vitamin in the composition also softens the skin, restoring fabric proportions inside and outside. The tube is actually not very big, it’s only 20g, but it’s enough for a large number of times, because it’s easily rubbed and quickly absorbed without leaving any traces on ...