Antiperspirant Deodorant Giordani White Gold, Oriflame

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Customer reviews: Antiperspirant Deodorant Giordani White Gold, Oriflame

Reliable protection

Author: SherlynPurton     Date: 2014-12-27
Author´s opinion:
I’ve been using products of this cosmetics company for a long time, as more than five years I have been their adviser. But this deodorant in the set with cream and scented water I was presented for the New Year by my mum. I like the smell of all this line very much. So I enjoy using every separate product. As for the very deodorant I can say that it is really reliable protection. You should only once apply it to the skin after having shower and it will protect you the whole day even more – up to another bathing procedures and it is washed off only with soap. Moreover, the means leaves absolutely no traces on clothes ...