Gas-X Antigas, Novartis

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Active ingredients:

  1. Simethicone

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Prescription required No
Attention decrement No
Alcohol tolerance
Is this a supplement No

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  1. Capsules


  1. Novartis
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Author: GeniePalma     Date: 2014-11-26
Author´s opinion:
For sure each one imagines what discomfort you feel when the whole stomach and bowels ready to burst out… but you are in the office, you are working surrounded by your team. Yes, it is my problem, mainly it happens when I do not have a normal breakfast at home, but then juts eat some sandwich and coffee in the buffet. As a lady who is rather slim I try to hold my stomach muscles to look fit if I did not I would look as a pregnant cow when my stomach is filled with gases. It is not the way out to visit wc every ten minutes just to relax your muscles and maybe let some gas out. Even writing of it makes me uncomfortable, but when it happens in ...