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Date: 2014-05-29

I bought this saucepan with a big (60%) discount. Just the price made me buy a cast-iron saucepan – though I wanted cast-iron thing for my household for long time, but I didn’t like a common cast because of its bad cleaning while enameled was simply expensive. And here it turned out to be rather reasonable as for the price – 43$ for a saucepan with 3.6 liters volume.

I didn’t hear about Fontignac Company before, but have seen an advertising share I read a little about it in the Internet. In general, reviews were positive, so just before the New Year I came back home with a heavy box. I didn’t take picture of the package from the inside, but it was worthy. As the cover is rather heavy, it is fenced off the saucepan with special inserts, the saucepan itself is also locked in with a cardboard – the producer has taken care about the safety of the enamel during transportation very well.

The coverage from the outside is of pleasant dark blue with gradient, inside – of graphite. Inside on the cover the corporate coat of arms is laid out (by the way I think it’s a drawback as gradually there will probably be accumulated an indelible fat sediment – well, we’ll see). The saucepan itself is of very comfortable form for me – walls are broadened out upwards, it is not deep but rather wide. So-called grown up stew-pan It is suitable for all kinds of stoves.

I have been using it for a month and generally I’m more satisfied than not. Advantages: all the same cast-iron is – ideal material in terms of thermal conductivity. It is well and evenly heated and also gives the heat to the contents. I tried both boiling and stewing for a long time in it – everything is ideal. It’s more difficult to burn a dish in a saucepan than in a frying pan. If still something has adhered to the bottom in the cooking process, it’s easily washed off after soaking or detached even in boiling process. Pilaf, ragout – are very tasty. Stewed on the smallest fire it almost doesn’t simper.

Controversial advantage is – possibility after taking the cover off to put it into a handle of the saucepan. It’s controversial – because if Berghoff saucepans and similar models have a side and condensate from the cover flows down into it – in this case everything flows down onto the stove. A trifle but unpleasant one.

And the main drawback of the saucepan is –its weight. Still it’s heavy and you should carefully wash it so that by accident not to drop it (otherwise table and sink are threatened to have splits). On the other hand, everybody knows that cast-iron is heavy, so I don’t lower mark for this point to the saucepan.

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