Take care of your health, do not eat dry powders instead of normal meal

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Date: 2014-05-02

I am not a fan of fast food because I prefer healthy meal. The story I am going to tell is unpleasant for me but I will tell it because I do not want other people to be caught by the same poor-quality bait like I was. I was in the business trip but with low travelling expenses. The whole day I was busy without any meal. I dropped to the grocery store where I was advised to buy a package of dry mashed potatoes. The only thing that I needed to do was to add hot water and wait a couple of minutes until it turns from a powder into mashed mass. I swallowed the double portion at once because it was so tasty. With a full stomach I continued my working day. But my pleasure lasted so little. After an hour my skin was covered with red spots, and later I was about to lose the consciousness. The stomach pain was severe. The ambulance brought me to the local hospital where I spent some time under the dropper. I had acute poisoning. I had still the bill from the shop and an empty box of powder. As a lawyer I started my fight against the store that sold me a low-quality product. But I lost it because they had all the quality certificates for this product and its shelf life was also good. I could only address the manufacturer with my complaints. But I refused from the idea to send my claims to Holland. Now I just warn everyone that it is better to spend the same money and buy a kilo of regular potatoes, and to spend a little more time for cooking but to enjoy a normal meal.

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