Dark Chocolate with almonds & sea salt, Chocolove

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Customer reviews: Dark Chocolate with almonds & sea salt, Chocolove

Unusual, rich taste I like

Author: LieseloVpa     Date: 2014-05-12
Author´s opinion:
I chose chocolate with almond and sea salt and chocolate with cherry and pepper in online shop as these are very uncommon taste mixes, you can’t buy such chocolate in an ordinary shop. And I love almond, especially salty and would like to try its combination with chocolate. I am pleased with the purchase, the chocolate is just right the one I expected – dark bitter chocolate, crispy almond with tender nut taste, and fine grains of salt (to my mind, they could put even more salt). You won’t bolt bars of such chocolate. It is made to enjoy its every little piece to the full. When I will make my next purchase order in this ...