How to clean cups from tea deposit


How to clean cups from tea deposit

Almost all kinds of tea and some herbs more often leave dark deposit on cups. Of course it is right to wash the cup immediately after tea drinking, but we always hurrying somewhere don’t usually have any time for that. Whatever thick deposit from tea is left on cups or teapots it is absolutely easy to remove. There are several ways for that, for each of them we prepare one means to choose from offered list.

You´ll need

  • Baking soda
  • Medium or fine salt
  • Lemon
  • Lemon acid
  • Cleansers with soda, citric acid or chlorine


  • How to clean cups from tea deposit

    In such a state from time to time come my cups in which we drink tea. The easiest and to my mind the best way is a common drinking soda, especially if we speak about one or two cups. If we have many cups it’s better to use lemon acid. I have read in some articles that particles of soda are abrasive and leave microscopic scratches on the surface of crockery, where then the dirt is clogged faster. But, honestly speaking, I haven’t noticed anything like that for long years of cleaning cups with drinking soda. But may be my cups don’t serve so long so to notice that? The second home option can be a common salt. But already in such case it’s better to choose finer salt, as in coarse salt we can see abrasive well.

  • How to clean cups from tea deposit

    We take our dirty cups, put a little bit of soda or salt in them. We apply a bit of soda or salt to wet sponge or rag and start cleaning.

  • How to clean cups from tea deposit

    The drawback of this method is that the result is seen only after we wash the cup. If you have noticed dirt somewhere or haven’t rubbed enough start everything all over again.

  • How to clean cups from tea deposit

    After washing cups become like these, they didn’t become newer, but they look noticeably better.

  • How to clean cups from tea deposit

    If there are not many cups and deposit is not thick, you may use the slice of lemon – rub dirty areas with it and leave it for 30 minutes like this and then wash. In case you have collected a lot of dirty cups, it’s better to use lemon acid to clean them. We put teaspoon of lemon acid into every cup, cover it to the top with boiling water and let it stand for 5 minutes. After that we wash it as usual.

  • And finally, you may use industrial cleansers, which consist of soda, lemon acid or chlorine, like for example Sodasan, Chlorhexidinum etc. In my opinion, this option is less preferable – as detergents deal with contaminations no better than drinking soda, but contain far more chemicals.


  • If you really decide to use industrial cleansers to clean cups, don’t forget that after that you should wash the cups in plenty of water.

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