Apta Bebe Fabric Softener

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Perfect hypoallergic detergent for washing baby laundry (and for adults too)

Author: BelindaFinniss     Date: 2014-05-29
Author´s opinion:
My newborn baby had a very sensitive skin. It was a torture for me to choose an appropriate washing detergent (after trying all sorts of them from cheap to most expensive). When I bought a new detergent of Apta Bebe for baby laundry washing I had a weak hope it would suit us. It was surprising but the baby skin did not show any allergic reaction to the new detergent. It was my personal discovery. I applied it both as the washing softener (clothes, towels, laundry became softer, nicer to touch) and as spot remover (very good in removing dirt, breast milk drops and etc.). By the way I used a minimum amount per one washing session ...