Yogi Tea, Bedtime

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It helps me to sleep peacefully

Author: LieseloVpa     Date: 2014-04-21
Author´s opinion:
I sleep rather anxiously, tumble a lot, often wake up – and sometimes I want to have a good rest “to the fullest”, sincerely. I try not to overuse medical means, and herbs like motherwort/oregano don’t really help me. That’s why I expressed my attitude of no great expectations towards Yogi Tea, Bedtime. But I liked it. Ingredients are − herbs, as you can see it on photo №3. The tea is packed into ordinary filter-teabags. I don't like its aroma and taste much; it smells like licorice, which I don’t like and also some kind of my least favorite herb. But the effect atones drawbacks of taste – I fall asleep faster and dream ...