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Date: 2014-04-07

When I was assembling a mini-ITX computer, I was going to set up two hard drives, one SSD for the operating system and one classical HDD for storing work data and other information.
If I had an option, I would buy only one SSD, but they are too expensive, so I had to buy one SSD of little capacity and classical HDD of 1TB. I already had Western Digital production, I have been using it for many years, and however I was not very amazed with it. Nevertheless there were no problems with their production. I would describe them as slow but reliable hard drives. I wanted to buy something more modern, so I searched for the newest models.

I’ve found out that WD’s production is divided into three global lines: Green Series, Red Series and Black Series. The worst one is Green Series, as I have got to know from overviews, they are bought for back-ups and for file shares, when liability and speed play no role. The Red Series is better, but not better enough, you can find many glitches and defects. Well, and the most positive overviews were about Black Series, as it has less defects and even details, which were used to assemble a hard drive, of a better quality. I tried to find a hard drive with the biggest buffer capacity – 64 MB; it makes a hard drive quicker for a little bit than other of the same drive capacity.

The hard drive has been working for 6 months already. I want to mention that the result is visible. I had been using five or seven-year old models, the difference between them and new one is really big. First of all, this model has a bigger value of speed, however technically the rate of rotation is the same – 7200, as the others have, but the speed of recording and reading is quicker. Secondly – the hard drive is quieter than others, and much quieter. I could hear the old drive working clearly and I cannot hear the new one at all, even with the casing standing in front of my face 1 meter away. There is no vibration, but it was in old models. I cannot say anything about reliability, as it hasn’t worked for enough time, but cannot say anything bad about it. If I am going to buy another HDD, I will buy only WD’s HDD, and their price isn’t higher than competitors’ price, they are equal.

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