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Date: 2014-04-09

As there were no space for standard PCI card in the mini-ITX computer (only PCI socket was occupied by graphics card), I decided to buy a USB net adapter. I had chosen the cheapest, the first I had looked at. Later I regretted it; I should think this question out more deeply.

The producer says that it is possible to work with 2,4 and 5 GHz with speed rate to 450 MB, in real life it works with 75 MB speed rate. The antenna is telescopic, however if it is pushed inside, the signal does not change. The assembly or it is better to say constitution of the device looks very fragile, the details move after a slight pushing and squeak. Well, it doesn’t matter, as the device will be static, but a little aftertaste had stayed.

There was very old firmware with the device, or I was so “lucky”, I don’t know. The only capable standard is WEP (I suppose), the standard which allows maximum 75 MB speed. You have to upgrade firmware if you want to turn on the possibility to run all encryption standards and increase the speed rates as a result. I was too lazy to do it, anyway I didn’t see speed more than 40-50 MB from my provider, so the speed of 75 MB seemed to be enough.

Well, the main thing is that there were no connection bugs connected with this adapter, it is good. I had some doubts, as I had never had USB adapters. However it appeared that all doubts were useless, the stability of the connection is rather high, and this is the most important information. I have taken 2 points for the great age of the default firmware and for the fragility of the details. I cannot say anything bad about other features; the adapter works perfectly and it is cheap, so I recommend it, if you don’t have a PCI socket.

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