Fresh Step Scholl feet deodorant

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Customer reviews: Fresh Step Scholl feet deodorant

It gets absorbed quickly and it neutralizes odor

Author: Susanne5420     Date: 2014-04-29
Author´s opinion:
One day I bought a pair of shoes on a sale. Even though the shoes are made of leather, my feet sweated too much in them, and as a result there was a strong odor. I decided to fight against sweating and odor simultaneously with the help of Fresh Step Scholl feet deodorant. Its smell is more like neutral, and that’s OK, because the mixture of sweat odor with a fruit flavor makes me vomit. I also liked the fact that this deodorant dried out quickly. Before going out, I washed my feet, mopped them dry, then I spread the deodorant and put the tights on. My feet were dry, though. When I had the shoes on, my feet still felt comfortable, as ...