How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs


How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

Holiday spent in Thailand allowed to bring with me not only a lot of unforgettable impressions, but also several very exotic recipes. The use of insects for food, not intelligible for fastidious Europeans, is very much used in traditional Thai cuisine. Impressionable people I don’t recommend to read the recipe of this salad, but for all others free of prepossession of eating insects it will be interesting.

You´ll need

  • Beetles grubs
  • Salad
  • Celery
  • Soy sauce
  • Lemon juice
  • Sesame


  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    If to trust countless scientific studies, humanity will have to learn how to use insects for food, as exactly they are the best alternative to beef, pork and chicken. Nutritional value of mealworms grubs is close to beef in amount of protein contained in it, and it has several times less fat, so dishes from such little worms can perfectly be called nutritious and dietary. One more advantage of these grubs is that they easily propagate at home that allows you to minimize the probability of infecting them with some diseases or vermin and also gives possibility to improve their taste (by using herbs of parsley, dill etc. for fattening). For cooking of the salad we will need alive active grubs. You may previously put them into a freezer for 10-15 minutes so that they could “fall asleep”. After that we wash them out, dry them out well with absorbent paper towels and set about cooking the salad.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    Grubs possess rather powerful and hard jaws, so you must certainly remove heads. If you snick the grub with a knife and pull it for its head, then alimentary canal, which should be carefully drawn out comes apart along with the head.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    We take out the bowels (if to be precise at all, alimentary canal of grubs is divided into intestine sections where one distinguishes either pharynx, or gullet, or stomach or intestine, but it doesn’t matter to us as we remove everything), grub is ready for eating.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    Tear lettuce leaves; put them into a transparent salad bowl.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    We cut celery greens

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    Mix celery with salad.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    We spread out headless grubs on the green. If grubs were previously cooled, after head and intestine removal they lie motionless on lettuce leaves. But in Thailand people prefer to cook such a salad from grubs not being under low temperature. Such grubs, even with removed head go on moving tabs – just such a salad with moving larvae is considered to be an indicator of a fresh dish.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    Make dressing for the salad – mix soy sauce and lemon juice.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    Cover salad with the dressing and you may add little bit of pepper.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    We sprinkle it on the top with slightly fried sesame seeds.

  • How to cook exotic salad with beetles grubs

    The ready salad with beetles’ grubs is better to be served in portioned transparent salad bowels. You may fry grubs in oil with spices in advance, but in such case they will lose their natural nutty flavor.


  • Even knowing about benefits and nutritional value of insects, it’s difficult to get rid of stereotypes and make yourself try such unusual dishes. But if you cook insects properly and look aside from reflections about the origin of food, then you can really enjoy exotic cuisine dishes.
  • Those who are absolutely against using insects for food I’d like to remind about seafood and sushi made of it – some people consider them to be tasty and useful products, the other are shuddering when imagine how is it possible to eat an octopus or raw fish. Everyone decides for himself/herself whether to try seafood, snails, frogs and insects or not. But every person should treat with respect and without any scorn another culture and traditions, even if they are drastically different from our own.

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  1. Yokko 01 May 2014 :

    I guess that these creatures are disgusting. I can`t even imagine the fact that they can be eaten. I wonder, what do they taste like?

  2. MoneyG 14 May 2014 :

    When I was in China I have eaten a couple of these warms and bugs. When fried they are rather nutritious and the taste reminded me the taste of chicken.

  3. Qiwi 18 August 2014 :

    Yes, I have heard a lot that it tastes like chicken but anyway it is too exotic for me.

  4. Nicol 20 August 2014 :

    I think that we should try everything in our life just to see what it is so the choice is up to you. Some people like to eat such exotic dishes.

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