Power Supply Corsair HX650

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The best power supply in its price brackets

Author: Eric     Date: 2014-04-15
Author´s opinion:
When I was assembling a mini-ITX computer for work, I had to choose as small power box as it was possible; however I still wanted it to be powerful enough. I didn’t have many options to choose, maximum length of the block was 5,9 inches because of size and specs of the casing. The smallest boxes were of 300-350 watts, so I decided to search for 5,9-inched power boxes. The choice wasn’t great, but good enough. As the computer had to be low-cost, so I paid attention to the price too, and I wanted to buy a box of a famous producer, not any infamous Chinese thing. Of course, I wanted a quiet box. I had chosen a box of approximately 650 ...