How natural cosmetics differ from the organic cosmetics

milk bath. white spaYou should have heard a lot of different information about organic and natural cosmetics. These terms may seem quite similar, but still they have some differences. Natural products are received from different plants and minerals. They are not produced in the laboratory. Organic cosmetics are also made from natural products. No chemicals are used in the process of growing. Seaweed can serve as a great example because they are considered to be natural and non- organic due to the fact that they are grown not in natural conditions.

Real organic products are not modified genetically, so they are as safe as natural ones. They are not tested on animals except some cases when the law requires it. In any case the processing of these products is minimal. If the product is really organic it should have a certificate on a label, assured by the organic certification agency. Very often cosmetic companies are adding such natural ingredients as vitamins and fruit acids into their products. Some products may even contain ingredients which imitate natural functions of the skin. Such as moisturizers and even Hyaluronic acid which are preserved in skin in a natural way.

Some experts claim that our skin is able to absorb about 60 per cent of everything that is applied on it. Considering this fact we can come to a conclusion that cosmetics based on organic ingredients is the best choice for our skin because it is safe and nourishing.

Of course, an allergy to certain ingredients can occur. In case if your skin is either too sensitive or you think that you have allergy to some ingredients you should read at the list of ingredients marked on the label in order to see whether this cosmetic product contains such ingredients or not.

It is also a known fact that chemicals for skin care which are made in the laboratory can also be safe and effective. Organic and especially natural products are proved to be safe too but chemicals produced in laboratories can sometimes even save lives. As far asyou can understand it is very difficult to create an absolutely natural cosmetic product. In any case preservatives should be used in order to prolong the shelf life of the product and to preserve it`s nutritional properties. Let`s take for example a cosmetic product with an essence of apple without any preservatives. It is just the same thing as to put an apple into your bag and to see that in a few days it will be rotten. That is why preservatives so necessary.

As you see natural and organic cosmetics, despite the fact that it is really safe and beneficial for our health, can have some disadvantages. So in case if you are sure that such cosmetic is perfect for you and you have no doubts as for its usage you are lucky to know that nowadays it becomes more popular. You just have to check the content of ingredients used in order to prevent from allergic reaction. Natural beauty in a natural way is the best choice!

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  1. Kelvin 15 April 2014 :

    Generally natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics both are same and not harmful for body. Nowadays people like to use natural cosmetics instead of chemical based cosmetics because there is 0% risk to harm your body skin in natural cosmetics.

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