Grand Central, a privately funded high speed train line

Another analysis is offered by the grammarians Quirk, Greenbaum, Leech, and Svartvik in their renowned A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. They divide verbs into three categories: (1) modal auxiliary verbs, a short list comprising can high quality fake handbags, may, will, shall, could, might, would, should, and must, all of which are “helping” verbs, as in Congress will vote tomorrow, and (2) primary verbs , the smallest group be, do, and have all three of which can be either auxiliaries (I am leaving for school now; I did finish my homework; I have studied enough) or main verbs (I am happy; I did my best; I have a good teacher), and (3) full verbs, the largest group by far, containing all the rest. A third approach differentiates an action verb from one that is stative.

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