Miracle Skin Perfector Garnier BB pulley eye

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Customer reviews: Miracle Skin Perfector Garnier BB pulley eye

It perfectly masks panda eyes

Author: Marta     Date: 2014-04-09
Author´s opinion:
I work till late at night, that’s why I have no time to have an adequate rest. The lack of sleep has visibly reflects on my face: there are panda eyes, pouches and sometimes eye contour puffiness. I think each woman has faced such problems at least once in her life. Having tried the Garnier BB cream pulley eye one day I appreciated its qualities nearly at once. The cream moistens the eye lids, I could feel the light cooling effect that let my face look fresher. The mineral pigments mask the eye pouches, as a result the complexion under eyes and on the cheek-bones is evened. You can spread eye shadows, eyeliner or other ...