Computer Casing Fractal Design Node 304

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Customer reviews: Computer Casing Fractal Design Node 304

European vision of mini-ITX casing. It is good enough at all.

Author: Eric     Date: 2014-04-11
Author´s opinion:
One time I had an urge to gather a mini-ITX computer; it is a very compact size, about two times smaller and neater that ATX. The selection of mini-ITX casings of good quality isn’t as wide as one of ATX, but it is possible to find something. Specifically this casing is Swedish. They tried to think over everything, but there are still some disadvantages. The casing is not very heavy; I can say it is even light. Its first problem is connected with its weight – the casing is quite noisy, the walls are too thin, so it can’t insulate noise perfectly. At least I’ve solved the problem with standard chip coolers by replacing ...