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Date: 2014-04-11

I bought this micellar water by chance. I came to a drug store for my favorite water La Roche-Posay, and pharmacist persistently started offering me German water Eucerin: let’s suppose, the price is the same, but it is made of absolutely natural components. Why not to try it?

The price is truly almost the same – bottle of 200ml costs about 15$, and as for natural origin, then what is left is only to take her words at face value. The bottle is made of soft thick plastic that resembles a dozer or rather a small hole: if it suddenly falls down it won’t break and won’t spill.

The water itself doesn’t have any smell, which is an advantage for me. It removes make-up very well, including eye make-up. But, if it accidentally gets into eyes, then it nips a bit, though the instruction claims right the opposite – they seem to be a bit untruthful. Immediately after use there is a slight adhesiveness, but it goes off within a few minutes.

We have very hard water in our city, so after having a shower I always wipe my face with micellar water. La Roche-Posay was ideal for it, and with Eucerin I feel a slight tightening and dryness. Perhaps it is more for greasy skin and I by the way have dry.

Nevertheless, I was impressed with the words of the pharmacist about naturalness of the Eucerin water and I read a little about the brand itself. Its name came from the word Eucerin, translation of which (I really don’t know from which language) means “beautiful wax”. The emulsion, invented more than 100 years ago by Doctor Isaac Livshitz from fleece and that possesses perfect moisturizing ability was called so. This emulsion actually became the basis for Eucerin cosmetic means; though today the company has its own research center and is engaged in discovering new components for their cosmetics.

And the composition of this micellar water contains cleansing means alkyl polyglucoside, the source of which is soy and avocado and also glycol-glycerol, got from seaweed, moisturizing the skin and improving water metabolism. And really everything seems to be natural. And well, as usual, pH is 7,4.

All in all, I will hardly ever buy this micellar water, but I recommend it to owners of greasy and combined skin.

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