Micellar water 3 in 1 Eucerin Dermato Clean

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Customer reviews: Micellar water 3 in 1 Eucerin Dermato Clean

Good micellar water, rather for greasy skin

Author: Tereza     Date: 2014-04-11
Author´s opinion:
I bought this micellar water by chance. I came to a drug store for my favorite water La Roche-Posay, and pharmacist persistently started offering me German water Eucerin: let’s suppose, the price is the same, but it is made of absolutely natural components. Why not to try it? The price is truly almost the same – bottle of 200ml costs about 15$, and as for natural origin, then what is left is only to take her words at face value. The bottle is made of soft thick plastic that resembles a dozer or rather a small hole: if it suddenly falls down it won’t break and won’t spill. The water itself doesn’t have any smell, which ...