How to cook cockroaches, roasted in egg


How to cook cockroaches, roasted in egg

Cockroaches, roasted in egg (or talking easier, fried eggs with cockroaches) is one of common everyday dishes of Thai cuisine. Naturally, it is impossible for us to repeat completely exotic recipe, but we’re able to come as close as possible to original one, the main point is – to get “right” cockroaches.

You´ll need

  • Cockroaches
  • Egg
  • Spices, salt


  • How to cook cockroaches, roasted in egg

    For roasting in egg not all kinds of cockroaches are suitable. Obligatory point is – lack of firm chitinous integument and wings. So for cooking of this dish we take either non-molted in adult insect larvae (that don’t have wings yet) or cockroaches, which don’t have wings even when being adult. We have females of Shelfordella tartara (adult males cockroaches of this kind have wings while females don’t). Cockroaches should be previously placed into a freezer for 10-15 minutes so that they quickly die, after that we wash them with running water and dry them with absorbent paper towels or napkins.

  • How to cook cockroaches, roasted in egg

    We pour a little bit of oil into a heated frying pan, break an egg and cover all that with a cover.

  • How to cook cockroaches, roasted in egg

    In a minute we carefully sprinkle egg with spices and salt, in such a way that yolk won’t flow, spread cockroaches over upon it, cover the frying pan with the cover and fry it on a slow fire within several minutes.

  • How to cook cockroaches, roasted in egg

    After such thermal treatment cockroaches don’t lose their taste as it can happen when roasting insects in oil. You should serve cockroaches roasted in egg with vegetable salad.


  • For roasting in egg you should choose cockroaches with soft chitinous integument, without wings, you may cut their legs off.
  • Some kinds of cockroaches have strong specific smell, such insects are not right for cooking of this dish.
  • You may also roast grasshoppers, beetles’ grubs, other insects.
  • To make this dish you should better choose cockroaches bred in captivity. Insects caught in nature must have longer thermal treatment.

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