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  1. Composite of organic ingredients

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Who helped me – capsules or diet? That is the question…

Author: Jekky     Date: 2014-04-15
Author´s opinion:
When my friend brought me Ayur Slim capsules much-talked-of in that time, my joy had no bounds. I had my last hope for them to lose weight and get an opportunity to become pregnant. Composition of herbal origin is completely save for the body. I took one capsule of this drug twice a day after meal. One jar was enough for a month. The course was designed for half a year, so I put my hand in my pocket for 5 jars more. I had such a terrible desire to lose weight. Physiologically the capsules stimulated metabolism in the body and reduced amount of fat in tissues. In a month I noticed that I become less hungry, i.e. for some reason ...