YANGABAN Korean dry algae

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Customer reviews: YANGABAN Korean dry algae

That’s a useful snack, but the taste is mediocre

Author: Sharlotta     Date: 2014-03-24
Author´s opinion:
I’d like to share my impressions about the Yangaban dry algae produced in Korea with you. For the first time I was given them as a present, just to try some oversea exotics. But all my folks enjoyed them so much that I now order the product deliberately at any occasion. The algae we got were very hermetically packed in small foil packets, each one weights a bit more than 0.35 oz. The outer side is colorful, but if you look inside you will see it is foil. You can only open the packets using scissors, not with your hands. Inside there are 8 extremely fine dry slices of algae. When in your mouth, the slices swell and, depending ...