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product : Apple Mac Mini
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Date: 2014-03-01

I bought this Mini 3 years ago, I think. At that time it had the following configuration: Intell Core 2 duo 2.66 GHz / 4 GB RAM / 2×500 GB HDDs / Nvidia Geforce 320M / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Ethernet / SD card slot / Mac OS X Server.

It was pretty cool. I mean it was a serious “adult” configuration for such “a baby”. Its size is less than pizza box. Its weight was 2,2 lbs (1 kg) that also played the significant role. The very thing I needed was the mobile computer with a very light weight. There was no necessity to work on my way though I often changed the location, in my final destination point I was always provided with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I had to carry only the system unit with me in the handbag. So it was very nice to carry a light thing of Mini even compared to the traditional laptop with an average weight of 4-7 lbs (2-3 kg) provided I had no use of laptop screen.

In addition I was very happy about more space at home. Whether placed on the table or under, it takes so few space compared to the traditional size of ATX or even mini-ITX. Of course now it is obsolete, in 2014 such configurations do not exist and there is no way to find them in the stores but the Mini concept lives by itself nowadays. So I think my review is of current importance.

I will tell you honestly, I have installed Windows right away. I had no wish to had troubles with a new for me thing as Mac OS. It would have taken years to learn it from zero, but I did not have the time for it. To cut it short, there is no problem to install Windows. Those who need more detailed information, may find in the Internet the manuals on installing Windows at Mini.

I will not tell much of its design and appearance. To my mind, it is stylish, finished with silver aluminum. There are accurate lines, nothing extra, moderate design in the best Apple traditional.

While running Mini gets overheated, so much overheated that you can touch it briefly but you cannot hold your hand on its top for while. You see, these are the costs of the small size. The air intake is from the bottom side. It is located on a small stand, see the stand on Picture 7. The air output is from the backside, see the back panel on Picture 5.

If you do not overload its system with the games or anything similar it runs very silently but with the load increasing the cooler (it presents a turbine, see Picture 8) starts whirling to the fullest with such a noise as if some plane is taking off.

It has a full communication set including as many USB ports as 4, that’s many for such a small size. With its content it claims to be a home server. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet function properly with a small exception. I had a problem with Wi-Fi adapter. The Mini has some kind of limited Wi-Fi and it lost the signal from my router from time to time, once a day or every two days. It was not the biggest problem but it was disturbing. I checked Bluetooth, it was ok. I used the original Apple Magic Mouse via Bluetooth. It worked rather well but with some jerks. Actually I am not a fan of Bluetooth as a technology by itself.

In the supplied set you will find many manuals and instructions, software disk, power cable and HDMA adapter. By the way, power cable looks like a regular cable without adapter block in the end and it is very comfortable for carrying it from one place to another. I guess the adapter is in-built into the Mini body as a compact power unit.

I decided to sell it when it started snarking without any reason. I could not help but Windows software was buzzing. I was sure the Mini inside had nothing to do with that and was ok. It was me who was lazy to re-install Windows because by that moment I considered the Mini inside to be obsolete already. Mentioning the price, 3 years ago it cost 1 000$, pretty expensive nut still cheaper than a good laptop.

Now the capacity of such Mini would be more than enough for work, but for work only without installing any games. Photoshop and similar programs work without problem at the Mini. I even edited video with Adobe Premier, it was slow but steady. In general Mini facilities are at the high standard. They will easily fulfill the working tasks and might allow you to play in some simple games. I was totally satisfied with the purchase because the Mini did its job.

P.S. Apple logotype does not glow in the dark, in case you are curious. The aluminum surface is very easy to scratch. Do not put anything on the top otherwise you will damage it. Take into account that the body is monolithic, it is not meant for disassembling at home. Actually there is some way to get inside the body, I have seen the video steps, but you are going to need the specialized tools and professional skills. To cut it short, it is a very difficult task. The only thing is easy to do – you may open the lid stand (see Picture 8) and change the RAM. This is the only thing you can change without facing troubles.

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