Proxy Brushes Tepe Interdental Brush

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Customer reviews: Proxy Brushes Tepe Interdental Brush

An absolutely useless thing, it is worth than dental floss

Author: AMG65     Date: 2014-03-31
Author´s opinion:
I’ve been looking at those proxy brushes for a long time while going shopping, but I hesitated to buy one because I doubted I could use them in a proper way. But I’ve made up my mind recently. I bought expensive Swedish brushes of high quality. By the way it is the smallest ISO size, 0, 02 inches in diameter. They cost about 5$. Of course, they are very qualitative, and I have nothing to complain about on that score. However, when I tried to use them I faced numerous troubles even though I was doing everything strictly according to the instruction. It says that the front teeth should be brushed at a right angle. OK, let’s do ...