How to cook snake soup


How to cook snake soup

The dishes cooked of the snake meat are traditionally considered to belong to exotic Asian cuisine. In Chinese restaurants you may taste about 70 various snake dishes. Actually the snake meat is tough by itself, it has a specific smell but if it is cooked the right way the meat is very tender and delicious with a taste resembling chicken. Today we are going to cook snake soup. It is one of the easiest dishes to cook and you will find it very tasty even if you are no fan of Asian cuisine with its strange dishes of worms and fried insects.

You´ll need

  • Snake
  • Vegetables (potato, carrot, green beans, corn, sweet pepper)
  • Curry Spice


  • How to cook snake soup

    You can cook the soup with any kind of snake, even a poisonous one. The easiest way to deal with the snake is to put it into the deep-freezer for 30-40 minutes prior to cooking. After we take it, frozenly sleeping, out and cut off the head. Be ready that even the headless body will keep on coiling and trying to escape from the table where you fight with it. The separated head will also move its jaws. Here I want to mention about the heart that will keep on beating for half an hour after you have taken it out from the body. In the oriental culture they believe that the heart is the most precious part of the snake. So it is a usual thing to swallow raw, still beating heart together with the wine or rice vodka. The same is done to the gallbladder. It is believed that the regular eating of raw snake hearts and gallbladders cures any disease and prolongs your life. But let’s get back to our recipe. Draw all the inners out of the snake trunk, remove the skin.

  • How to cook snake soup

    It is easier to remove the skin if you scald it with the boiling water first.

  • How to cook snake soup

    We wash the meat and snake skin under the running water. Meat will do for the soup and roast, the skin will be used for a tasty crispy snack.

  • How to cook snake soup

    Cut the meat into pieces.

  • How to cook snake soup

    Pour water in the pot with the snake meat and turn on the gas cooker. The snake meat is rather tough by itself. You need to simmer it for 5-6 hours to get the condition of a delicate “chicken-like” meat.

  • How to cook snake soup

    When the meat is ready you can cook soup using the snake broth. But I prefer clean transparent soups, so I take off the ready-cooked meat and pour out the broth. Fill the pot with the clean water, boil it and add vegetables (potato goes first, then add chopped carrots, green beans and the last ones will be corn and sweet pepper).

  • How to cook snake soup

    Add some curry spice, if you like hot spicy dishes you may add some powdered ginger and pepper.

  • How to cook snake soup

    Put the snake meat into the pot with the soup, simmer it on the slow fire for 5-10 more minutes.

  • How to cook snake soup

    The snake soup is done! The snake pieces visually resemble fish, but the taste resembles chicken, just a bit tougher. In spite of long time of cooking the soup, the result appears to be very unusual and tasty.


  • You can cook the snake meat together with the chicken or beef getting the richer broth.
  • If you are not sure in your cooking skills to make it the right and tasty way, or it is difficult to get the snake for cooking the soup, I advise you to visit some Chinese restaurant and order snake soup. You will love it for sure.

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  1. Margul 05 October 2014 :

    I cook the same soup but the difference is that I don`t add snake meat into it. Is it really worth trying?

  2. elli 12 October 2014 :

    Snake meat is very nourishing and contains no fat that is why such soup is perfect for those who want to lose weight and just to try something new.

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