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Date: 2014-03-31

I bought this headset a long time ago, but today it is still quite expensive, about $110 – $125. It is really expensive, in my opinion; however, I really think this thing is good. First of all, the package looks very bright and serious; everything is great and nice to touch. There is a manual, charger, adapters and many different mouthpieces inside.

The headset itself seems to be of very high quality, there are no plays of pieces and squeaks. The headset is solid to touch and to look at. An ear feels comfortable, nothing disturbs and chafes. Well, this headset is so expensive because it uses a bone sound transfer technology, not air transfer, as traditional ones. So you always hear your interlocutor perfectly and he also hears a peerless sound of your voice. If we don’t pay attention to regular mobile connection noises, the connection is just perfect thanks to this bone sound transfer technology.

You can answer the call by tapping a headset. There’s only one multifunctional button on the butt. The Bluetooth connection button is situated on the inner side. The full charging of the battery lasts for 1-2 hours, it depends. On the inner side there’s also a headset power switch. It is very small, so don’t be afraid to turn it accidentally. It holds the connection securely, if you don’t exceed the distance by more than 1-2 meters.

However I couldn’t make this headset to work with Skype. Well, to say the truth, it works, but the sound disappears constantly. The problem is with program, I suppose. I have made all driver updates, but I don’t know what the matter with it is. Unfortunately, Skype was important for me.

I give this headset 8 points from 10 for its high price and problems with Skype.

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  1. Fred 29 April 2014 :

    I thought that Bluetooth headset is not that popular nowadays. This one is really quite expensive. Is this device really convenient in usage or it can be substituted by some other device?

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