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Date: 2014-03-19

I don’t usually buy bagged tea of to two reasons.
1. Cellulose tea bags give specific taste and I don’t like it.
2. There is tea dust in teabags usually. Its taste I also dislike.

Honestly speaking, there are three reasons. The third one is unreasonably high price for bagged tea in comparison with loose tea. I am not going to touch this reason in this review.
However, nylon tea bags by large companies don’t have the flaws like these. Nylon doesn’t give any additional taste and is absolutely health friendly. The tea in them is of good quality as you can see on the photo 2 – these are ordinary tea leaves, not the tea dust.

The pyramid tea bags have enough space for the tea to open and give away all its taste and flavor. I really enjoyed the taste. It is a classic green tea, a little bit harsh and with a gentle flavor. Now this tea package is waiting for my guests who don’t like the black tea.

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