How to make sugaring at home


How to make sugaring at home yourself

Sugaring – is relatively new in our country, but known in the East for long time method of depilation. The unusual name derives from word sugar, as actually sugar is responsible for removing unwanted hair on the body. The essence of sugar depilation is that hair is removed with the help of sugar syrup brewed according to a special recipe. Cooled and thickened syrup is applied to a necessary area of the body then with a sudden movement is teared off along with unwanted hairs. At first sight sugaring procedure is similar to wax depilation, but really sugar depilation has incontestable advantages. Firstly, the cost of sugared depilation is much lower (as there are only sugar and water in the composition of mixture); secondly, this mixture is hypoallergenic as it doesn’t contain any odorants, preservatives and other excess substances. Thirdly, hairs are teared off along their growth, which prevents their further growing into the skin, appearance of pustules and irritations.

You´ll need

  • Sugar – 10 tbsp
  • Water – 1 tbsp
  • Juice of half a lemon


  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    We add water to sugar.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    Then add juice of half a lemon, mix everything and put in a cooker on a good fire.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    We wait until the sugar is diluted by stirring it from time to time and wait for the mixture to boil.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    At first the mixture will be transparent, and then bubbles will appear in it. We leave the minimum heating and while stirring we wait when the color of sugar syrup starts changing.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    A few minutes later the syrup starts becoming darker, will have the smell and color of caramel. It’s enough to leave the mixture to boil for 7-10 minutes, after that you may take the saucepan with sugar syrup away from the cooker.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    So to check whether the syrup is ready or not, you may drop it on a flat surface. The properly cooked mixture doesn’t spread and hardens quickly.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    If you take a bit more of cooled mixture, then you may roll up a ball from it as on the photo. If the mixture while cooling down stays quite viscous, then you’ll have to start everything from the very beginning – you won’t be able to do depilation with such a mixture.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    We let the ready sugar syrup to cool down.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    Until it is warm and floating, it may be poured into convenient jars.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    Now directly about sugaring. A little bit cooled syrup should be stretched in hands (on the photo it is seen that the mixture sufficiently dense at the beginning becomes soft and flexible in hands). We apply the mixture on selected area of the skin, and at that you should apply it AGAINST hair growth. We wait a little bit so that the syrup could “seize”, then with a sharp movement ALONG hair growth tear off the mixture for sugaring with hairs adhered to it.

  • How to make sugaring at home yourself

    After depilation we wash off the rests of sugar syrup with warm water and within 2-3 weeks we enjoy smooth, tender and velvet skin without any hints on reddening or irritations.


  • For high-quality depilation hair length of only 1-2 mm is enough.
  • If the depilation process has stretched in time, and sugaring mixture has become thick (has cooled down), it is reasonably to heat it on a water bath or in a microwave oven.
  • Using sugar syrup to remove unwanted hairs you need to be ready that it will be a little bit painful. But feeling pain is considerably less, than during wax depilation, and become weaker with repeated procedures.
  • 2-3 days before planned sugar depilation it’s desirable to do the peeling of skin.
  • It’s better to apply the mixture for sugaring on well-steamed skin; in such a case the procedure will be less painful.

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  1. Greta 05 August 2014 :

    I have heard a lot about this procedure. It becomes more and more popular and can be performed in any beauty salon. Is it safe to make this procedure at home?

  2. Sally 13 October 2014 :

    Of course you should be careful because sugar mass can be hot but if you are attentive and responsible then nothing bad will happen. Why should we pay more in the salon if we can perform the same procedure at home absolutely for free?

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