Daily Moisturizer L’oreal Men Expert Vita Lift

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Customer reviews: Daily Moisturizer L’oreal Men Expert Vita Lift

Pretty nice moisturizing cream for men

Author: Kitrulz     Date: 2014-03-17
Author´s opinion:
It might sound strange, but I am a man and I often use moisturizing creams due to my problem skin. The skin on my face is dry by nature. After it is weather-beaten or frostbitten the skin gets irritated and starts itching a little. A few years ago I spent too much time in freezing temperatures and greatly frostbit my face. Since then some problems with the skin began. At present I am using the moisturizer by L’Oreal. I cannot complain about it because it is no worse than other creams. I suppose it is even better. I don’t know its price because I got it as a present. I believe it shouldn’t be very high. The manufacturer ...