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Date: 2014-03-14

Not a long time ago I had to assemble another Midi-Tower format computer for my job. As I work at home, a question about noise has risen. We do not turn off the computer for the night, so the noise of coolers is quite annoying. In connection with it I had to search for a quite casing with a good shop-built sound proofing. As a result, I have chosen a Swedish casing; it has noise-attenuating mat covering all walls, even all places for coolers of the casing are covered. Everything is well thought-out inside the casing; there is a lot of cable trunkings inside, which are also covered with rubber gaskets.

I cannot call this casing a novelty; it was presented in July of 2012. By the way, its weight is 13 kilos, when the computer is assembled it would probably weigh 17-18 kilos. The casing was packed into the standard cardboard box, inside it was fixed with foam plastic, as common domestic equipment.

A box with accessories was hidden inside the casing, in one of the hard drive modules. This set contained various fasteners: motherboard fastening plugs, screws of every kind and every size, anti-vibration pieces of silicon padding and wire strainers.

There are three variations of colors: black, white and grey. I had chosen white color as it is least easily soiled. There is a version with a transparent window on a side wall. I could never guess why someone needs to look into the casing, so I have chosen a version without a window.

Of course you can set up any tower-shaped coolers and boards of any length. The size of the casing allows you to set up every standard (or not) accessory. The casing is made of the metal with the width of 1 mm, which is enough.

The front side of the casing is a decorative door. Of course, it opens; it is shut with magnets, I have never seen anything like this before. By the way, the frontal door is also covered with noise-attenuating mats. There is a coolers’ potentiostat situated under this front side with three positions: 5V, 7V, 12V. Here is also an easily movable dust filter, and behind it there is a place for two 140 mm coolers. There is also a dust filter under the casing. There is a power button, USB ports and sockets for headphones and microphone on top of the casing.

There are 2 openings for coolers on the top of the casing. I would like to add some words about noise-attenuating. It is different on different sides. Somewhere it is a multilayer foam rubber of a complex structure, somewhere it is of a bituminous type, like one in cars. By the way the legs are made of soft rubber, with the anti-vibration accent. Everything is standard on the back side.
The casing allows setting up motherboards of ATX, microATX and mini-ATX formats. A power pack is fastened backwards at the bottom. It is a classical standard design, and the fastenings are equipped with anti-vibration pieces of padding.

There are two 5.25” modules and eight 3.5” modules. 3-inch slides are intended for both 3.5” and 2.5” devices. The upper block with slides is detachable. I have removed it as I don’t have so many hard drives and I think the cooling will be better without this block. All slides have anti-vibration pieces of padding, so your hard drive will not be able to pass the vibration to the casing. The drives are just tied to the slides and put inside the casing, you don’t have to screw anything on, and it is very comfortable.

Wire organization system is just fabulous. By the way those cables, which go from the front side, are already fastened with wire strainers and driven to trunkings. You can set up five 140 mm coolers inside at all; the set contains 2 on default. Those 2 coolers from the set are built on a hydrodynamic bearing. They are really quiet and good coolers.

The point is the noise: I have checked with iPhone – it was 24 dB with 1-2 meters distance. Of course, this result is for standard options. If you “accelerate” the computer, set up 5 coolers and give them full power, the sound will be louder. However, this is a really quiet result. It has become more comfortable to work at noon, nobody likes annoying noises. At night it is very good and doesn’t bother form sleeping, as the bed is 5 meters away from the computer, so the noise is much less than 20 dB. I am very pleased at all, if we don’t mind the price, about 120 Euros. If you are not bothered with the price, I recommend it even for those who don’t want to assemble a quiet computer.

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