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Date: 2014-03-11

I bought the color filter for my Nikon D3200 reflex camera because I was under a deep impression after seeing the shots taken in infra red spectrum. The pictures were amazingly beautiful though of course they were processed after, in addition they were taken without color filter but some other way, that I got to know only after my purchase.

To my mind an infrared color filter is a scam for most photography beginners. I will explain the situation with taking a quality infrared shot: you need to set the exposure time on your camera up to 60 or even more seconds and take the shot with this exposure. Due to low light admission of the filter you will neither be able to see anything on the camera screen nor to focus on the object. That is why I used to focus on the object first without filter and then I placed the filter. But for sure this kind of shooting can be done only with the camera on tripod.

Even when you pre-focused and placed the filter after you should remember about your 60 second exposure, in this case any moving object will create a mass out of your shot. The reason is evident. The most interesting object for your shoot with infrared color filter is by all means green nature. After processing the picture you get amazing white shades of green grass, it looks fantastic. But the green, grass, leaves and flowers are moving with the wind and as a result you get a blurred picture.

I left alone my experiments with outside nature and tried to shoot home plants that are not moving with the wind, but the result is bad either. It seemed I did everything the right way and the picture was rather sharp but I failed to take as beautiful shot as you can see in the Internet. Later I got to know that such a beauty is taken with the camera with one of the filter demounted (I forgot how its name). The point is that the only purpose of such a camera is infrared shooting, but it functions with a regular exposure time of 1/10 and similar. Thus, the infrared color filter as mine is a total failure.

The quality is outstanding, but its main function is not fully implemented though it works and gives you the chance to take an infrared picture. Any filter will give you the same result.

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  1. Alice 17 May 2014 :

    This color filter impressed me a lot too. I think that you were dissatisfied with results because one who uses it needs special skills in setting it according to some specific options.

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