Gurman’s green tea with ginger and honey flavor

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Customer reviews: Gurman’s green tea with ginger and honey flavor

Wonderful taste and healing effect

Author: Alisa     Date: 2014-03-25
Author´s opinion:
On her birthday my Mum was given a packaging of Gurman’s green tea. As it was a drink she hardly knew, Mum gave it to me to try, as I can’t imagine my life without a cup of fragrant tea. I took one tea spoon of tea for a medium cup and brewed it with hot water for three minutes (but don’t use boiling water, because all vitamins die in it). I immediately felt the nice and tart ginger taste and also the sweet and mawkish honey one. The flavor combination is simply amazing. I didn’t even add the sugar in order not to spoil this delightful natural taste. The tea is a large-leaved one, that’s why I first put too much of it in my medium cup, the ...