The fastest minicomputer of all existing ones and the last one with the discrete video card

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product : Apple Mac Mini
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Date: 2014-03-12

I have already written the review of my previous Mini. Later I bought a new model of Mini, the most powerful at the moment, it was in 2012. Though its configuration is highly rated in 2013-2014.

It has Intel i7 2.7 GHz processor that is more than satisfactory as for work as for any purpose in general, besides probably heavy games as for example Crysis 3. RAM is 8 G. It is enough for everything you need including Photoshop. At my Mini I even rendered video files using Premiere and it was sufficient. Its hard disk is 750 G. I was going to exchange it to SSD but since time left it alone. 750 G are enough for me personally, but for sure it is a traditional slow HDD for this kind of computer. In addition the disk is at 7200 rpm, my old one had 5200 rpm and believe me you feel no difference in the speed.

I will not go into details about its visual appearance: it is stylish, it looks so cool on the table. I personally like it a lot. But its main advantage is its small size and weight about 2 lbs. Its portable size allows me to put it in the handbag and to take it with to another city where I have an access to the monitor and keyboard. At the airport I faced troubles with the customs rules. According their regulations I have to switch on the laptop and to show that it is operating, not just empty fake. But this is no laptop at all. Anyway they ask to switch it on, how can I do it without a monitor and etc? But it does not concern the Minicomputer as it is but just strange politics of our country.

Be careful with the aluminum surface, it is easy to scratch. The air intake is from the bottom. Mini is placed on a small stand that is why it is necessary to place it only on hard surfaces. The hot air blow-out is from the backside. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems function properly without any problem. Though Wi-Fi in Minis is limited you never notice it in daily life.

The most important trait of this Mini is its discrete video card – AMD Radeon. At that time it was very high-powered card. I played such games as Mass Effect 3 with medium/maximum settings without brakes. But I already mentioned, Crysis does not run properly.

I have installed Windows right away after I failed to use Mac OS X. It is really inconvenient and terrible system if you have been using Windows for a lifetime.

The Mini is non-separable. Do not even cherish the wish to get the hard disk out and change it. You will not. For sure an experienced computer specialist will succeed in disassembling it with some specialized tools in the workshop. If you do not believe me – see the YouTube video on this topic. It is unreal. You can change only the RAM by opening the back cover. All other replacements are done in the workshop.

The main negative disadvantage of Mini is its enormously high price. I paid 60 000 rubles at the moment of purchase. But I was very satisfied though it served me only for 18 months. By the end of its life it had some snark: cooler started continuously running at the maximal rotation. I realize it was caused by the dust stuck inside, but it was impossible to clean it without disassembling. It is not enough to clean properly if you open the back cover only. There is no need in repeating because I have already described more details about Minis in my first review, read it if you are interested.
In general, the purchase was rather good than bad. But my plan was to use it at least for 3 years. 18 months later I faced the necessity to buy a new computer. But the period my Mini served me was a very enjoyable time for me to use it.

It overheats severely, you cannot touch it with your hand, so hot! But it is not surprising; they managed to put inside a small box i7 and full video card. I want to mention that now Minis are manufactured without video card. If you decide to get it be ready to be satisfied with GPU in-built in the processor. It means no games at all. Would I buy the second one? My answer is rather no, than yes, because it is too expensive. This money would be enough for assembling a good computer for games; you will even have the money left for buying the monitor.

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  1. albus_tan 07 May 2014 :

    I have got the same one and I should say that I am extremely satisfied with it. It works really fast. To my mind it has no weak points. I wonder what other people think about this minicomputer.

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