How to cook roast snake


How to cook roast snake

If one casts all prejudices aside and “forgets” the origin of meat, the snake meat will prove to be a dietetic product. It contains almost no cholesterol at all, three times less fat than beef. Its calorie content is about 100 kcal per 3.5 oz (100 g), in addition the snake meat is quickly digested in the stomach. You shall not forget about the healing power of the snake meat (that is not scientifically proved but well known among Asian popular healers). This meat is the strongest aphrodisiac, increasing potency, healing female diseases and strengthening the wellbeing in general. Among a great variety of snake cooking recipes there are not only extremely exotic ones (like for example, a traditional Chinese soup of three kinds of reptile meat and wild predator meat) but quite casual recipes that are easy to cook for most people who are strange to Asian cuisine.

You´ll need

  • Snake meat
  • Vegetables (garlic, onion, carrot, sweet pepper)
  • Tomato paste
  • Salt, spices


  • How to cook roast snake

    Cut off the snake head, draw out the inner organs, remove the snake skin – the detailed instruction how to deal with the snake was given in the article describing how to cook snake soup.

  • How to cook roast snake

    Chop the snake trunk into portions.

  • How to cook roast snake

    Wash the meat under the running water, then boil it in the water with spices within 3-4 hours (besides your favorite spices you may put into the water some salt, sugar, a bit of citric acid)

  • How to cook roast snake

    Now we prepare vegetables – chop shoestring onions, carrot and sweet pepper.

  • How to cook roast snake

    Pour some seed oil on the heated frying pan and fry finely chopped garlic.

  • How to cook roast snake

    Fry in the same pan onions and carrots one after another, the last one will be the sweet pepper together with the spices – curry and black powdered pepper.

  • How to cook roast snake

    Lay out the pieces of boiled snake meat onto the frying pan together with the vegetables. Fry for 15 minutes.

  • How to cook roast snake

    Add some tomato paste and two-three table spoons of water. Simmer the meat under the cover on the slow fire for 30 minutes stirring the mixture from time to time.

  • How to cook roast snake

    The roast snake can be served with the rice, rice noodles or as a separate dish.


  • The best meat for roast cooking is considered to be the meat of snake before winter hibernation. Reptiles are used to save in the organism the highest amount of nutrients when getting ready for hibernation.

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  1. Martin 05 May 2014 :

    I don`t know why but the fact that snake can be eaten kills me. This dish is too exotic. How is it possible to swallow a slice of snake?

  2. Windy 11 August 2014 :

    It is just the same thing as you eat poultry or beef or some other meat. The fact that snake can be eaten is absolutely normal for Asian people.

  3. Vehrf 26 September 2014 :

    I agree that snakes are disgusting and I also can`t eat it even if a big sum of money is at stake.

  4. Sabrina 02 October 2014 :

    As for me it is very interesting to try something exotic. I have already eaten bugs, frogs and warms. There is nothing to be scared of, believe me.

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