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  1. Chitosan

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Prescription required No
Attention decrement No
Alcohol tolerance Yes
Is this a supplement No

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  1. VitaForce
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Pretty good capsules, I even managed to lose some weight

Author: Marynap1y     Date: 2014-03-20
Author´s opinion:
Since childhood I wanted to eat much and not to gain any weight. But unfortunately it was not the reality and it was the reason of my endless diets. I am used to taking various diet drugs, and I liked these capsules at once because they allowed eating everything I wanted (even high-calorific meal). They contained chitosan as a main active substance. Chitosan is known as a hunter for fat that is after getting in the organism it absorbs various toxins and decreases fat cells assimilation in the digestive tract. I took capsules half an hour before lunch and dinner, and later I ate everything I wanted. To be honest, I couldn’t ...