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Date: 2014-03-24

I love the La Roche Posay cosmetics and I regularly buy the products of this brand. No wonder that I often get various samples. One day I came across the sample of Toleran cleansing milk. It’s destined exclusively for very sensitive skin. I like such samples in small bottles because this way it is more comfortable to try them.

I don’t have problem skin, just 50+, that’s why I had no possibility to appreciate the way it cares of hypersensitive skin (as the manufacturer claims). Maybe this milk is irreplaceable for such kind of skin, and as for normal one, there is no problem to find a cheaper aid which doesn’t mean it is worse.

First of all, the flacon is made of solidplastic which is ideal for a tonic, a lotion or something liquid. This milk is very thick and it hardly leaves the flacon. But it doesn’t matter, I just kept the flacon upside down so that the milk gathered near the cover. But very soon I ran out of the milk as it is not economic at all. I didn’t remove the lash mascara with it, I didn’t clean the skin near eyes or lips neither, I only used it to clean my skin, and as a result I enjoyed the 15 ml flacon for a very short period of time. All in all, a sample is a sample whichever way you slice it.
Speaking about this milk, I couldn’t remove the make-up with it, even though it had been promised by the manufacturer. It is really bad in removing cosmetics as you need too much product and as a result you have the cotton pad swelled. All in all, it’s not that comfortable, there are more suitable things for this purpose. The milk is flavorless, which is an advantage for me. As for the rest, I’m pleased: the milk removes dirt and dust from the skin, it also softens, moistens and soothes it that is noticeable even on the normal skin.

My conclusion is the following: if you have extremely sensitive skin that is inflammation or peeling predisposed and you can hardly choose a suitable aid, this milk may become the one you need. But if you are lucky not to have problems like that, you’d better search for other aids that are not worse and more comfortable to use for less than 15$ (this is the price of an integral 200 ml packaging of the milk).

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