Pipe Cleaning Gel Apta X-trem

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Customer reviews: Pipe Cleaning Gel Apta X-trem

Cleans pipes for a few hours

Author: Sophie     Date: 2014-03-24
Author´s opinion:
After renovations in the apartment we got a terrible clog in the bathroom drain pipe: water was coming out and remaining on the surface. A force cup, that is sold in the modern tool shops, suits only for hunting flies on the window, but not for its real purpose. Thus I started searching for an effective pipe cleanser. In the store I was advised to buy a soda-based gel of Apta X-trem. I had no idea of the brand but the price was quite reasonable and I decided to try it. I started “clean pipes” mission at night. I wore gloves, pressed and screwed the lid, with very accurate move I poured out the gel without contact with the bath ...