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Date: 2014-03-31

I’ve been looking at those proxy brushes for a long time while going shopping, but I hesitated to buy one because I doubted I could use them in a proper way. But I’ve made up my mind recently. I bought expensive Swedish brushes of high quality. By the way it is the smallest ISO size, 0, 02 inches in diameter. They cost about 5$. Of course, they are very qualitative, and I have nothing to complain about on that score.

However, when I tried to use them I faced numerous troubles even though I was doing everything strictly according to the instruction. It says that the front teeth should be brushed at a right angle. OK, let’s do it, I put the brush between my teeth…oops! It won’t get in. All in all, the brush didn’t fit between my teeth, only between some of them and only in their lower part, and what about the upper part of interdental space? The floss gets in easily and it does its job, and the brush doesn’t get in, and if you pull it bottom-up it just hooks as it’s very soft. For the record, I have normal teeth and occlusion, and I’ve never had any problems with it (in case if someone objects me that I must have crooked teeth).

I’ve chosen the finest brush on purpose. I can’t even imagine what people need the thicker ones for. Maybe they are suitable if there is a kilometer distance between the teeth, but in this case they can be brushed with a tooth brush, and there is no need in brushes. I thought they were destined for the places a usual tooth brush is incapable to clean. As for brushing the permanent teeth, it’s a mystery for me. Therefore, the image shows that you should curve the brush in its plastic bottom and put it between the permanent teeth this way. Well, I tried it, I distressed myself for 5 minutes and I gave up finally. I didn’t manage to box the brush inside, instead I’ve cut my gums with it, as the brush is rather sharp.

Thus, the article is absolutely useless to my mind, I strongly discommend it. The only people who may need such a brush are those who wear braces. But I would advice them to purchase an irrigator, it is cheaper and more effective.

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