Windshield washer fluid SIA T.U.L.A

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Customer reviews: Windshield washer fluid SIA T.U.L.A

Everything is OK except for a terrible smell

Author: MinL     Date: 2014-02-25
Author´s opinion:
In the winter I buy the windscreen washer fluid like every driver. Besides, I try to buy products of different manufacturers because I just love trying new things. This Latvian fluid without a name can be translated as non-freezing liquid for car glass. The price is about 8.40 USD which is generally not very expensive, an average market price. This fluid really doesn’t freeze at -20⁰C. I was using it last year and checked it. I think at -25-30⁰C it will start gelling a little. This weather, however, you don’t usually need the windshield washer fluid. The windshield washing quality is high, it doesn’t leave any ...