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Date: 2014-02-27

Recently I have experienced the necessity in getting an uninterruptible power supply unit for my computer. It happens from time to time that regular power supply breaks suddenly and it causes the loss of all data I am currently working with at my computer. I usually have many windows and programs running and you can imagine what a wild reaction the power break caused each time, even my neighbors could hear my shouts and foul expressions. Then after power is back I had to spend some hours restoring the work I have already done. Finally I decided to save my precious time by buying an uninterruptible power supply. I have chosen the cheapest one because its capacity was enough for me to save my data for 2-3 minutes and switch on the doze mode.

While choosing however I left aside the very cheap Chinese variants, unknown “no name” brands. In their case the product often disappoints you and again you have to buy some normally functioning device instead. I choose the device also made in Chine, but its PowerCom (or PCM) brand is popular. PCM power supply cost 80$ and for sure it was my piece of joy.

The standard package consisted of cardboard box, piece of foam plastic and some polyethylene. The device by itself weights 16.3 lbs (7.4 kg), pretty heavy, but not too much. The body is all plastic. It is possible to open an accumulator box and to change the battery if necessary, but I am not sure if anyone wishes to have trouble with changing the battery after N-number years of its life, it would be much easier to change the device itself. There is the original software disk supplied together with the device. In the set there are also input power cable, two output power cables, phone cable, USB cable for connection with the PC, manual and warranty list.

The device has in-built voltage stabilizer. It was a very decisive fact for me because I wished to hit the double aim: to protect my computer from the minor voltage surges along with the data safety once the power is off. But this function does not work properly as I thought, but this lack can be omitted for the price of 80$, can’t it? See please the picture 9. Input power is 250 V and output power is 216 V, it really works by reducing the highest current points transforming into the output power close to the standard 220 V. However it is true for the current of 250 V or higher, if the input current is 240 V the uninterruptible power supply does not notice it and sends the same 240 V current into output. The same situation happens when the input power is lower than 220 V, the device starts adapting it only when the voltage is extremely low. I would wish the voltage to be continuously adapted to 220 V. This is the minus of this version but at least it is the only one and insignificant at all.

Besides it will protect your equipment from high-voltage surges, electromagnetic and radio-frequency interferences. For example it will serve a good deal for owners of expensive refrigerators. Earlier I lived in a cottage house where the voltage was often very low, so our fridge showed terrible snarks. We had to buy an uninterruptible power supply to protect it. Now you see that this thing is meant not for the computer only. Please, take into account that this variant is meant for 375 W. It means if you plug the vacuum cleaner, for example, into the same socket, it will not work without enough power. This variant is suitable for quite a high-powered computer and 24” monitor. By the way, the time of off-power work of my computer is about 10 minutes. It is much more than I expected.

The uninterruptible power supply body has an only button – “on” push button and a small LCD where you see the information of input, output voltage and other. I estimate the assemblage quality as good, no Apply brand of course but quite satisfactory. I consider it be at the same level with APC devices that I used before.

Another interesting detail is the function of auto “off” or doze mode of your computer in case power break. You may set this function with the help of PC software for this device. It will help you a lot if you are absent but the computer is running, at the moment of power break the uninterruptible power supply will switch off the computer previously saving all your current data and work.
One of the most important criteria in choosing the uninterruptible power supply was the level of noise. I had an experience of work with the old APC models and they were terribly noisy. Before my purchase I have read lots of reviews to find the proof the chosen model does not produce any noise. It is true, it is silent; when it is under the table you cannot hear it at all. Only if you put your ear close to it you can hear it is running. As for overheating, everything is all right. It heats at the same slight level with an ordinary LCD monitor provided its all-day-round work even in summer. It takes for 6-7 hours to charge the battery until full.

This model does not have any significant disadvantages. If I were to choose some uninterruptible power supply again, it would definitely be PCM product. Well, I see the article appeared to be advertising but the product is really good, no difference with APC brand, in some points the quality is even better, but the price is 50% lower! I do recommend it, in addition there is no need to pay more for the same result!

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