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Category: Car Accessories
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Date: 2014-02-25

In the winter I buy the windscreen washer fluid like every driver. Besides, I try to buy products of different manufacturers because I just love trying new things. This Latvian fluid without a name can be translated as non-freezing liquid for car glass. The price is about 8.40 USD which is generally not very expensive, an average market price.

This fluid really doesn’t freeze at -20⁰C. I was using it last year and checked it. I think at -25-30⁰C it will start gelling a little. This weather, however, you don’t usually need the windshield washer fluid. The windshield washing quality is high, it doesn’t leave any swirls and if the wipers are good it doesn’t foam which is also important. But … its smell is really disgusting. Of course it has a flavoring agent – I think it is lemon or something like that – but chemicals smell so strong that the odor is just unbearable. I am not going to buy the product of this manufacturer the next time, by all means, because I cherish my health. I understand that this product has been certified but my nose tells me that the chemicals there are extremely strong and dangerous.
Lately I have bought the German windshield washer fluid for 19.50 USD. There was everything ok with the smell and the rest but as for the price…

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