How to make solid shower gel


How to make solid shower gel

Common cosmetic care agents, not in traditionally liquid but in solid state are gaining more and more popularity. Solid shampoos or shower gels have lots of positive points which are – using safe surfactants in producing them, and economical expenditure while using, and convenience during transportation (it’s very convenient to take little pieces of cleaners with you when going to the gym, on a trip or on vacation etc.)

You´ll need

  • White soap base on goat’s milk (Crystal Goats Milk) – 2.57 oz (73 g)
  • Surfactants cocoa – 0.53 oz (15 g)
  • Watersoluble shea butter – 0.35 oz (10 g)
  • Cosmetic fragrance or essential oil – 0.70 oz (2 g)


  • How to make solid shower gel

    The soap base is cut into little pieces and is put on water bath to melt.

  • How to make solid shower gel

    We mix up surfactants cocoa, possessing very delicate peeling properties. Surfactants cocoa doesn’t give abundant foam itself, instead it softens hard water and decreases irritative impact on skin of the soap base.

  • How to make solid shower gel

    As soon as the soap base becomes liquid, we take it away from the stove and add surfactants cocoa, mix everything well.

  • How to make solid shower gel

    We add watersoluble shea butter, which will care the skin while washing.

  • How to make solid shower gel

    Add the fragrance or essential oil (we have essential orange oil).

  • How to make solid shower gel

    We pour the ready soap mass out in moulds. You may use both big moulds for soap and little portioned moulds for ice – such shower gel pieces, which don’t occupy much space, are very convenient to take with being on the road.

  • How to make solid shower gel

    You may add cosmetic dye and get shower gel of hue desired. We added a little bit of achiote extract, which dyed the soap mass in orange.

  • How to make solid shower gel

    We pour out the soap mass, having orange color and scent into citrus moulds.

  • How to make solid shower gel

    In 30-40 minutes you may take out the ready pieces of solid shower gel.

  • How to make solid shower gel

    Solid shower gel looks like common soap, the obvious difference is noticed only when washing. Shower gel doesn’t have abundant foam, its fine cream foam peels the skin softly but thoroughly, without causing feeling of dryness and tightness even for owners of the most sensitive skin.


  • So to get abundant foam, using a solid shower gel you need to try to use a sponge-net.
  • Such shower gel may be used for children’s bathing.

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  1. Greta 05 July 2014 :

    I don`t see any positive aspects in solid shower gel. I think it is not very convenient to use it.

  2. Uma 19 September 2014 :

    I can`t agree with you because solid shower gel is a really nice idea especially for those who like to travel. You can take with you and not be afraid that it will spill in your bag.

  3. Puppy 12 October 2014 :

    That is a nice thing for travelling because it is small and doesn`t occupy a lot of space in the bag.

  4. Oggi 20 October 2014 :

    All these factors are really considerable but I doubt as for its cleansing properties. I think it gives nothing but pleasant aroma.

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