Beynac men socks, Pierre Cardin

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Customer reviews: Beynac men socks, Pierre Cardin

Cheap branded socks from Italy, just right for summer

Author: Den     Date: 2014-02-01
Author´s opinion:
These are Italian socks of quite famous brand Pierre Cardin. By the way, the cost cheap, something like 5-6$, may be ok for the brand thing. It’s written that the composition has 95% of cotton and 5% of synthetic materials. On the one hand, it makes me glad very much as I love cotton, and on the other hand, the foot sweats and generally it’s dumb. I do have no idea what is mercerized cotton, about which the maker writes on the package, but the foot really almost doesn’t sweat in them. The soft rubber band is also very important, as I can’t stand socks with firm rubber band. As a result blood circulation of legs breaks and we ...