Skinija men socks from cotton with cotton felt

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Customer reviews: Skinija men socks from cotton with cotton felt

Sound socks for cold weather

Author: Den     Date: 2014-02-19
Author´s opinion:
These socks are the most common socks of the same Skinija company, but made for cold season. The price is very low – 3$. The quality is high, hovewer, the quantity of synthetics is rather big – 25% in content, but this company has the same ratio in allt their models, which indeed doesn’t influence its high quality, it is still very perfect. The main material is cotton with felt, as far as I understand it is simply fleecy, thick cotton on the inside. Generally, the material is quiet warm, just right for cold season. Especially these socks I’ve been wearing for several months. Still the look is great, they have overcome ...