Skinija men invisible socks from flax

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Feet will be grateful, flax is very pleasant thing

Author: Den     Date: 2014-02-19
Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought another socks, but when I was buying, I didn’t know yet that invisible socks is a very specific thing. They are right for workout or for sports people, or for ladies with certain shoes. Then I got convinced in this on the example of Nike socks, bought in form of invisible socks as well, but it was too late, these socks also were lying on a shelf and were waiting for their time to be right. By the way, the cost of these socks was around 3$, i.e. very very cheap. Hovewer, the quality was great, they are made of flax and flax is very soft to the body, if only they won’t be right for people with hyper-sensitive skin. It is ...