Skinija Bamboo socks

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Bamboo fiber like silk by touch, very tender

Author: Den     Date: 2014-02-01
Author´s opinion:
I keep on writing my reviews about socks, I have bought many different, when I was buying them in advance for a year. Among them my eye has caught socks from…bamboo. I have never suspected before that socks can be made of bamboo, it turned out to be just so. All in all, I’ll tell about the price at once. They cost just the same as the rest socks of this company, about 3$, which is very little. Who could have thought that bamboo fiber is so soft, by touch very similar to fluffy silk, though certainly silk isn’t fluffy, but it is the same soft and tender. I got a kind of hybrid, no idea how durable it is going to be, time will show, ...